... State House News Forum Wednesday will look at the expanding cannabis economy in Massachusetts ...... March for Life scheduled for Sunday afternoon on Boston Common ...... Gov. Baker, former SJC chief Marshall to address tech council that's pushing to derail income surtax ...... House tees up $450 mil in new assessments to shore up community hospitals ...... Next move on extreme risk protective order is up to the House ...... Major funding boost likely for ABCC and Goldberg says it's "desperately" needed ...... Next scheduled UMass Board of Trustees meeting is June 20 at UMass Dartmouth ...... House advances Rep. Mom bill laying out penalties for discharging a weapon at a home ...... House Democrats plan noon Monday caucus ahead of expected Tuesday health care debate ...... House packs more $$$ into environmental bond bill, Sanchez says it totals more than $2 billion ...... Peisch, Chang-Diaz leading six-member conference committee on civics education bill ...... DeLeo featured at Friday workshop on climate change at Boston College ...... Salem attorney Jane Prince nominated for Newburyport District Court judgeship ...... John McKenna of Longmeadow, former counsel to Congressman Neal, nominated for Westfield District Court judgeship ...
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